Vremena Trio (The Epochs)

Vremena Trio is a professional artistic group and consists of the young and talented singers winners of the international and All-Russian competitions and festivals such as the Doves of Peace, the Cradle of Russia. They graduated from the Gnessins Russian Academy of Music and the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art.

Members of the trio:

Valeria Maximova, soprano

Tatiana Khalturina, mezzo soprano

Dmitry Pivovarov, baritone

The trio was established in 2014 and by now its members possess the vast experience of performance for a diverse audience.

Vremena Trio are keeping up with the times. They bring some elements of modernity into the traditional folk songs at the same time carefully preserving the Russian traditions. They are colourful performers as well as talented actors, who worked at the Kolomenskoye sanctuary museum taking part in the Sightseeing and Artistic programmes.

Young and beautiful artists, Vremena Trio design their music programmes in an inspirational and creative manner. Their repertoire includes folk songs, songs about the Great Patriotic War, singer-songwriters, old songs and ballads, games and traditional Russian amusements.

The repertoire of the Vremena Trion is for all times and will be appreciated by all generations!

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