Yury Filatov. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ireland

Dear friends,

   It is a pleasure for me to welcome you at the official webpage of the Annual Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin. This Festival represents a wonderful opportunity for Dubliners to feel famous Russian hospitality, to get acquainted with our culture and meet our vast community in Ireland.

   The Russian Festival Committee in collaboration with the Dublin City Council and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ireland is constantly working on ways to improve the event. By virtue of these joint efforts every year we may see many interesting, exciting and sometimes very emotional performances by Russian and Irish artists. I deeply believe that every next Festival makes our peoples a little bit closer and helps Russian compatriots and our Irish friends to live side by side in mutual tolerance and respect.

   This year I kindly invite everyone to join us in celebration of the Russian cultural heritage online.



Yury Filatov

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ireland



Adrian McDaid Ambassador of Ireland to the Russian Federation

Adrian McDaid Ambassador of Ireland to the Russian Federation

  Dear friends,


   I want to thank the organisers for offering me the opportunity to send greetings and congratulations on the occasion of the Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin.  

   Cultural links between Ireland and Russia are very strong and longstanding. There is huge interest in Russia, in Irish music, dance, literature and poetry.  The annual Russian Dance Championships and Feis, attracts over 700 participants from across the country. The St Patrick’s Day parade is the highlight of Irish Week in Moscow and we are grateful for the strong support and cooperation of Moscow City Government in making it happen. 

   I am delighted to see that the Annual Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin has also grown in recent years and is becoming a regular feature in the city’s calendar. 


I encourage you to participate and to enjoy this wonderful celebration of Russian culture.


Adrian McDaid

Ambassador of Ireland to the Russian Federation



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