Festival of Russian Culture 2016

On Sunday 6th March, 2016 at 12 noon an tArdmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh in the company of the Russian Ambassador to Ireland H.E. Maxim Peshkov will launch the 7th Dublin Festival of Russian Culture in Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.

The festival will open with a concert of Russian classical music at the Gallery and will continue with a week-long programme of events including a variety of free to attend activities for all ages and tastes at locations across the city. The festival culminates in a family day on Sunday 13th March with performances by the famous Moscow State Academic Dance Theatre Gzhelz.

Speaking at the festival launch an tArdmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh said, “This Festival is a celebration of the very strong Russian culture and community here in Dublin.  I hope that people will engage with this popular festival and enjoy themselves. I thank all the voluntary and statutory organisations that help to ensure the continuity of this festival, strengthening the already strong friendship links between Dubliners and the Russian community who live in Ireland.  Tá súil agam go mbainfidh muintir na cathrach sult agus sásamh as an bhféile thaitneamhach seo”.

The Dublin Festival of Russian Culture is brought to you by the Russian Community in Ireland and is supported by Dublin City Council, The Russian Embassy, The National Gallery of Ireland and Trinity College.

Details of all the Festival events are available here .


Maslenitsa, a Pancake Week

Maslenitsa, or a Pancake Week is a traditional Slavonic celebration during the week before Lent that goes back to the pagan time. It also marks the end of winter and beginning of spring.

The Pancake week dates differ every year as they are linked to the Orthodox Easter.

Pancakes are a very important part of celebrations, however they were never a symbol of the Sun among the ancient Slavs. Pancakes were food eaten to remember the ancestors.

Traditionally every day of the Pancake week had a different name.

Monday, the first day, was called a Day of Welcome.

Tuesday was called a Day of Courtship. Young men were looking for their brides-to-be.

Wednesday was called the Gourmet Day. Every family would set up tables with a lot of fancy foods, pancakes were a must. Theatres and stalls were in every town and village.

Thursday was called the Party Day. Entertainment of this day included sleigh riding, songs singing, fist fights and many more.

Friday was called the Mother-in-law’s Party. Traditionally married men would invite their mothers-in-law for dinner.

Saturday was called the Daughter-in-law’s Party. Young married women would invite their husbands’ parents for dinner.

Sunday was called the Shrove Sunday and it was the day to prepare for Lent. People would ask their relatives and neighbours to forgive them for any wrong doings during the year. The response was  “May God forgive you”.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival.

Winter ends, spring begins…Конец зимы…

 Каждая страна отмечает окончание зимы и начало весны. Празднования Масленицы восходят к языческим традициям. Русская православная церковь отмечает неделю перед Великим Постом.

 В последний день Масленицы, который называется Прощенным Воскесеньем, начинается подготовка в посту. Люда обращаются друг к другу, прося прощения за причиненные в прошлом обиды.

 Фестиваль русской культуры в Дублине стал традиционным и в этом году он предлагает разнообразные мероприятия, проходящие по всему городу.

 Ждем вас на фестивале.

 … начало весны


Raphaela Mangan

Raphaela graduated top of her class with a record-breaking First Class Honours Degree from the Concervatory of Music and Drama, DIT, under the tutelage of Anne-Marie O’Sulivan. She furthered her studies in Belgium where she graduated top of her class with a distinction from Flanders Opera Studio. Raphaela’s most notable roles to date are ‘Bradamante’, …

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Russian Gzhel

Russian Gzhel conquers Dublin This year the highlight of the Festival of Russian Culture Maslenitsa will be a magnificent performance by the Gzhel Moscow State Academic Dance Theatre. The Gzhel Dance Theatre was founded by Prof. Vladimir Zakharov, a People’s Artist and a famous choreographer. Prof. Zahkarov set himself a task to express the magic …

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Anna Kiselyova

  Anna Kiselyova is an established classical pianist, accompanist, piano teacher, also interested in various non-academic styles and modern music. Anna holds LTCL Diploma in Performance with Distinction from Trinity College London; she graduated with Honoured Master of Music in Performance from DIT Conservatory of Music in Dublin, and earlier obtained her undergraduate degree from …

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